Responsible AI for call monitoring

Discover the power of, where every business call is an opportunity for growth and improvement. Our LLM technology meticulously analyses and transcribes calls, ensuring precision and compliance while integrating seamlessly with your existing systems. Enhance your business operations with smarter communications and data-driven insights.

Best Call Transcription-1

Accurate call transcription seamlessly integrates with your existing call recording systems to capture and transcribe every conversation with industry-leading accuracy. Our state-of-the-art transcription technology ensures that every detail is accurately documented, making it easier for your teams to review, analyse, and act on the information. With, you can trust that your call data is not only precise but also readily accessible for any business needs.


Advanced AI analysis leverages cutting-edge LLM (Large Language Model) technology to analyse each call transcript in response to your custom AI prompts. Our system functions like an in-house Q&A specialist, meticulously reviewing every business call, whether they're from support, sales, or HR departments. This allows your company to not only understand the nuances of each interaction but also to identify trends, opportunities and issues.

LLM Compliance
Action your compliance needs

Automate actions at scale's customisable rules engine enables you to automate responses based on call insights, tailored to your business needs. Set actions ranging from sending follow-up emails, to tasks like updating CRM entries based on customer feedback. This system streamlines workflows and enhances customer engagement by leveraging every call to drive your business forward efficiently.


End-to-end business communications

Explore the enhanced capabilities of with our suite of additional features. Each feature is designed to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and optimise your business communication.

Full API integration seamlessly integrates with various business apps, like call recording and CRM systems, for easy data retrieval and transmission, boosting productivity. Whether accessing call recordings or syncing customer data, it offers a unified ecosystem, facilitating efficient communication and informed decision-making.

Dashboard & analytics

Our application provides a dashboard and analytics builder. This feature allows for a comprehensive understanding of call activities, empowering teams to focus their energy and training efforts effectively, ensuring adherence to regulations and capturing opportunities.

Knowledge base digestion

Your knowledge base is an essential tool for call operators, but its vast size can be overwhelming. Our LLM technology simplifies this by digesting the entire knowledge base and providing bite-sized, relevant information to operators. This feature highlights deviations or areas for improvement during calls, making it easier for operators to stay on track and enhance their performance.


Optimise communications across your entire business

  • Sales

  • Support

  • HR

  • Compliance

  • Marketing

Conversion rates can improve by 20% with effective monitoring

Implementing's call monitoring technology in your sales processes can significantly boost your conversion rates by up to 20%. Our system provides detailed analytics and real-time feedback, enabling your sales teams to refine their approaches, identify the most effective tactics, and tailor conversations to meet customer needs precisely. By understanding what resonates with customers during calls, your team can enhance their strategies, leading to more successful outcomes and increased sales performance.

Achieving a first-call-resolution of 70% increases satisfaction

With, elevate your customer support to new heights by achieving a first-call resolution (FCR) rate of 70%, significantly increasing customer satisfaction. Our advanced call monitoring tools analyse conversations and provide your agents with immediate insights and actionable guidance. This enables them to resolve issues promptly during the initial interaction. A high FCR not only boosts customer satisfaction but also enhances efficiency, reducing the need for follow-up calls and allowing your team to handle more queries effectively.

Monitoring recruitment calls can increase hiring efficiency by 50%

Leverage's call monitoring capabilities to transform your HR operations and increase hiring efficiency by up to 50%. Our system allows you to structure and analyse recruitment calls, providing immediate feedback and insights to refine your interview techniques. By ensuring that every interaction with potential candidates is optimally conducted, you can streamline the recruitment process, reduce time-to-hire, and significantly improve the quality of your hires. This approach not only speeds up the hiring process but also enhances the candidate experience, reflecting positively on your brand.

Up to 30% of calls require monitoring in regulated industries

In highly regulated industries, compliance is not just a best practice; it's a necessity. With, you can ensure that all of your calls are meticulously monitored for compliance with legal standards and industry regulations. Our advanced AI-driven system analyses conversations for any deviations or non-compliance issues as instructed by your company, providing alerts and actionable insights to rectify potential breaches. This proactive monitoring helps safeguard your company against legal risks and maintains the integrity of your operations, reinforcing trust with your clients and stakeholders.

Around 68% of customer calls highlight trends and needs

Harness the power of to tap into the wealth of insights hidden in customer calls, where approximately 68% reveal critical trends and customer needs. Our sophisticated call monitoring system decodes and analyses these conversations, providing your marketing team with real-time data on consumer behaviour and preferences. This invaluable information enables you to adapt your marketing strategies quickly, ensuring they align with customer expectations and market dynamics. By actively listening and responding to customer feedback, you can enhance engagement, tailor offerings, and drive business growth more effectively.


Need clarification?

Can I create my own questions?

Absolutely. That is exactly how works. You add all of your own questions (AI prompts), and group them so they are applied to the appropriate calls. then captures these call recordings and analyses them.

What business apps do you integrate with?

We can integrate with hundreds of business applications, from Salesforce to Zendesk. We can also build custom integrations. Please contact our team for more information.

Does my team require training?

No. Only power users require access to the system. From the call operator's perspective, nothing has changed.

How accurate is the AI?

AI is advancing every day, however it does make mistakes. We advise that any condition that you consider business-critical (e.g. compliance) should be checked by a human.