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AI-powered call analysis for business

Our AI-driven call monitoring system produces comprehensive reports, quickly pinpoints opportunities and challenges, and automates responses across various departments such as sales, customer support, marketing, human resources, and compliance.

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QA every business call with AI

Usually, only 1-2% of business calls are audited, resulting in overlooked opportunities and compliance issues. With Audire.ai, you can input prompts that analyse every call transcript. The system supports automated workflows across various business applications, enabling you to address any compliance breaches and seize every opportunity on a large scale.


Here’s all the good stuff


Accurate transcription

Audire.ai's transcription tool offers best-in-class 98.7% accuracy; essential for documenting business calls. This precision allows teams to maintain high standards, confidently.


Powerful AI

Our application's large language model (LLM) discerns unique requirements in call transcripts, identifying both standard and personalised needs for businesses.


Automated workflows

Audire.ai's workflow builder initiates automations based on business criteria, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency while promptly addressing any issues.


API integrations

Our business API enhances productivity by integrating with call recording and CRM systems, enabling efficient data access and improving the health of your data across your tech stack.


What our customers say

“I've seen Audire.ai dramatically improve our communication across the business. It's streamlined our operations, enhanced customer interactions, and reduced breaches.”

“We needed a way to show our senior leadership team that the sales org was communicating our offering effectively. Audire.ai has given us visibility across the entire department.”


AI prompt:
Did the sales rep establish the prospect's existing cloud solution at their company?


Score: 1/5
"The sales rep didn't attempt to establish the prospect's existing cloud service solution."


Salesforce task:
'Re-engage with the prospect and clarify what their existing cloud services solution is.'


AI prompt:
Did the support operator restate the customer's problem accurately?


Score: 5/5
"The operator accurately restated the customer's issue of not receiving a password reset link."


CRM update:
Set the Zendesk Ticket property 'Established issue' to 'Yes'.


AI prompt:
Was the HR person able to build rapport and put the candidate at ease?


Score: 2/5
"The HR person was impersonal, not showing interest in the candidate beyond their resume."


Training suggestion:
'Please discuss the importance of building rapport with a candidate.'


AI prompt:
Does the call operator explain the investment risk to the client?


Score: 1/5
"The operator does not discuss the risk and suggests it is a 'winning stock'."


Slack message:
'A compliance breach has been detected. Please review the call transcript and take action.'


AI prompt:
Does the client suggest that 'user adoption' is an issue with their current system?


Score: 4/5
"The client states that 'lack of buy-in across the procurement team' is an issue"


Marketing list Inclusion:
Add client to the HubSpot list 'User Adoption Pain Point'.


Customer call review best practices


Leveraging AI in financial services, 2024

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Need clarification?

Is Audire.ai data compliant?

Yes, Audire.ai acts as a data processor and does not store customer data beyond what is required to carry out our service

Do call operators require training?

No. While you can automate communications (e.g. via email, Teams or Slack) with your call operators to take corrective actions; they do not require access to Audire.ai. Only managers require access and the system is very user-friendly.

Will the AI train on our data?

Audire.ai run our own AI model and customer data is never used in any way for training.