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See how AI can analyse your business calls.

  • Checkmark 25 calls transcribed
  • Checkmark 5 custom prompts
  • Checkmark Upload only



For small businesses 

Conduct extensive Q&A despite limited resources.

  • Checkmark 400 calls transcribed
  • Checkmark 10 custom prompts
  • Checkmark Integrations
  • Checkmark Email support



For enterprise businesses

Analyse all of you business calls at scale.

  • X calls transcribed
  • X custom prompts
  • Custom integrations
  • Knowledge base ingestion
  • Prompt engineering support
  • Phone support

Need clarification?

What is the minimum contract length? has a minimum contract length of 3 months. Enterprise customers have a minimum contract of 1-year.

What are 'integrations'?

Our API allows you to capture calls from a range of call-recording apps and CRM systems. Furthermore, our automations can trigger outputs in several business applications

Do unused call credits carry over?

No. Your call quota will be reset at the start of every month.

What if i sign up mid-month?

Should you become a member midway through a quarter, for instance in the middle of February, we will only bill you for the remaining half of the month and allocate half the usual call quota to you.

Is there a setup fee? does not impose a setup fee. However, for custom integrations that fall outside our standard integration offerings, a setup fee may apply. Any such fees will be communicated and agreed upon with our sales team before the onboarding process begins.

What if I exceed my call quota?

You have the option to 'top-up' for the remainder of the month. Please contact your account executive. Pricing varies based on package.

If this happens regularly, you might want to consider moving up a tier.

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